What's Inspected During A Home Inspection?

Partridge Hill Services, LLC offers thorough and complete home & property inspections.
We cannot, and do not, "inspect to code". 
What was considered “safe” in 1923 or 1958 may not be “safe” today.
What do we actually do?
We inspect the structure and the various “systems” that make up the structure. We document the condition of those systems, explain what those conditions mean, give an opinion of typical causes for those conditions, and help with possible remedies including recommending an expert. The "systems" that are inspected are:

  • The roof and ventilation


  • The exterior and nearby landscaping


  • The basement, crawlspace, foundation and general structure


  • The heating systems


  • The cooling systems


  • The plumbing systems
  • The electrical systems


  • Fireplaces


  • The attic and insulation


  • Doors, windows and interior features


Through a relationship with Assured Bio Labs, in Oak Ridge Tennessee we provid these additional tests:

Water Testing:
Please refer to our "Pricing" section for current fees (which includes sampling, and overnight shipping to the lab) additional tests are available at an additional cost; test results are returned usually within 48 hours.

Air Quality Sampling:

We canprovide mold and air quality tests utilizing mold spore traps and swab tests which are licted in our "Pricing" section. Our fee includes sampling and overnight shipment to the lab.