What are our fees? 

Our inspection fees are calculated on the size and location of the property to be inspected.  Our minimum fee is $300.00 for any residence under 2,000 square feet of inspected area to include the garage, finished attic or basement. Please fill out and submit a request form or call for a quote...... (931) 638-6300

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HUD/FHA and VA Loan Foundation Compliance Inspections:

We can provide foundation inspections that will result in the issueance of a HUD/FHA and VA compliance certificate from an accredited engineering company. Please contact us for a quote.

USDA/RDA Compliant Inspections:

We can provide foundation inspections that are compliant with USDA and RDA requirements. Please contact us for a quote.


We will test your house for deadly Radon Gas following EPA Protocalls and Standards.

Test with a home inspection     $150.00
Without a home inspection       $200.00


FHA required Water Test for Coliform.E.coli +/-, Nitrate, Nitrite and Lead is $150.00
We also provide other levels of water testing determined by what you wish to be tested; please call for pricing. We send samples via over-night mail to an EPA certified lab and results are returned within 48 hours.


We provide indoor air quality testing for a fee of $150.00 per test. Swab and tape mold sampling is also available; please call for fees.

These quotes are as of 1 January 2017.