Client Testimonials

Steven A. Mayer
Rutherford County, Tennessee

"Partridge Hill Services provides top-notch, client-centered, dependable and spot-on solutions for problems from the standard to the complex.  The answers are straightforward, candid, thorough, workable and always timely.  Rather than simply treating you like a customer, they partner with you as a concerned friend.  I recommend them most highly."

Thank-you Pierre for your prompt service and the inspection of our client’s property. Your immediate response along with your professional approach and special services will make you stand out among others in your field. We were also pleased to hear that you are now certified to perform radon testing. Having someone as qualified as you in our area is truly great! We know that you will produce a prosperous business, and we will be calling on your services again.
Best Wishes,
Teresa Chiles, Sandy Henry, and Jana Speer
C/H/S Group, Inc.
Crye-Leike®, Realtors®
Franklin, TN

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Moss
Lewisburg, Tennessee

Partridge Hill Services provided very courteous services.  Their report was very complete and accurate.  Their fee was fair for the services provided.  We would use them again in the future!

Mr. and Mrs Gary Spitzley
Lewisburg, Tennessee

Our realtor suggested that we get our listed home inspected as a pre-approved, certified to move-in house.  Partridge Hill Services did the inspection which was very complete and accurate.  We are happy with their services and that we are got the inspection as a home owner.


Mr. and Mrs. Archie Becquet
Lewisburg, Tennessee 37901

" Partridge Hill Services was wonderful.  They were very thorough and detailed, their report was accurate and complete.  They were willing to work within out time frame and we are grateful. Many Thanks! Their fee was very fair for the services provided. We would use and recommend Partridge Hill Services again."

Ms. Diana Teaman
Antioch, Tennessee

"Mr. Pierre Billard performed my home inspection prior to purchase. He was thorough, professional, and displayed a real dedication to his profession. His knowledge and sharp eye for detail gave me great confidence that my new home is safe. His report was clear, concise, and very well illustrated. I particularily appreciated his patience in explaining the inspection procedures to a novice home buyer!"


Dave Ohearn
Lawrenceburg, TN


"I have read your report whch was sent to me in a very timely fashion. It appears to be very thorough and professionally compiled. Thank you for your hard work. I would (already have) recommended you as a top of the line home inspector. Your work will allow me to go forward with the purchase of this home, feeling much at ease. ( I understand that things can happen in the future, as this is always the case). However, I now feel more confortable."